My loved one has dimentia/alzheimer's/autism. What can I do to help keep them safe?

If you have a loved one who has wandered away or become easily lost, here are some tips/tricks to help us before we even get called:

    • Make a list of the person's habits
    • Favorite places or places of recent interest or recent finds
    • Anywhere they are trying to "get back" to
    • Medications/conditions
    • Smoker/nonsmoker
    • Brand
    • Favorite snack food
    • Any routine habits (Such as walking the same route the same way or thinks the brown house next door is her childhood home)
    • Have recent photos available
    • Take and preserve a scent profile.

The Alzheimer's Association has a guide for how to prepare your home for a loved one who wanders. Click here to see their form.